Invisible disabilities (also called differing abilities) lead to many schoolchildren being classified as TROUBLED. Children with invisible disabilities often wonder why they have such a hard time learning like their peers. Furthermore, even when they have an inkling that something is different, they may lack the words to express what they are experiencing. Most often, they don't wake up in the morning and think, "I want to be unsuccessful in education." Children with invisible disabilities want to learn, they want to be like other kids, and they don't want to be associated with being the cause of TROUBLE.


"Prosper" serves as a reminder that children with differing abilities can achieve in education and subsequent endeavors. Through this book, Kyro "Trouble" Carter truly wants to be a good student, but experiences being made to feel like the source of TROUBLE. Kyro's world shifts after someone slowed down enough to teach Kyro to work through his/their invisible differing ability. With additional support, Kyro began to prosper and becomes Kyro "Prosper" Carter.


Kyro Carter represents so many schoolchildren who want to learn and need a little help navigating around their differing abilities. Kyro Carter may have been Trouble, but Kyro Carter can also be Prosper.