Before children grow up and begin to earn their own money, their money habits are already informed by those around them. They may have digested the notions that "only bad people have a lot of money," "money is bad and shouldn’t be desired," or ”there is never enough money to go around." These ideations teach children to have a negative relationship with money, instead of learning that money is a tool to be used to achieve their desires.


Along my journey to develop a positive relationship with money, I often wondered why I was not exposed previously to the foundational financial tenets that I was beginning to implement. I wished that someone would have given me a money guidebook.


"Kasha Money Rules" sets the stage for children to start their money relationship off on a positive note. It's essential to remove the stigma associated with money and to make sure that children discuss, understand, and are taught ways to create their desired futures. This book provides children with the essential money toolkit consisting of planning for the future, saving, generating passive income, and ultimately building community wealth.

Kasha Money Rule