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University of Southern California, Los Angeles California                                                                       

Doctoral Degree in Higher Educational Leadership

California State University Long Beach, Long Beach California                                                              

Masters of Social Work

Pupil Service Personal Credential

California State University Long Beach, Long Beach California                                                               

Bachelors of Arts in Social Work


  • Anderson, K. (2019) They Say We Don’t

  • Anderson, K. (2019) They Say We Don’t V2

  • Anderson, K. (2018) Moments Either Define or Contribute To Who You Are

  • Anderson, K. (2019) African American males’ anti-deficit achievement narratives of their college preparation experiences navigating through the los angeles county k-12 public education system into college (University of Southern California. Dissertation. School of Rossier)

  • Anderson, K. (2015). Fostering academic and familial resiliency in African American middle school students: A grant proposal (California State University, Long Beach. Master's thesis collection, School of Social Work).


Work Experience

California State University Long Beach, School of Social Work                                          January 2019 - Current

Part-Time Lecturer

Teach available Undergraduate and Graduate Courses

  • SW 441: Generalist Social Work Practice with Communities and Institutions

  • SW 503A: Human Behavior & the Social Environment: Focus on Prenatal through Adolescence

  • SW 605: Advanced Policy Seminar: Child and Family Well-being


Always Progressing Inc.                                                                                                    September 2013- Current President and CEO    

  • Promote literacy through engagement for diverse student groups and community organizations.

  • Facilitates workshops and trainings centered on teaching students how to capitalize on their personal strengths to create success.

  • Provide trainings for personal staff on multiculturalism and from an equitable lens to better support diverse students.

  • Manage the Always Progressing Inc. Scholarship, aimed at supporting inner city students in being able to have access to postsecondary education.

  • Provide mentorship for young professionals in developing entrepreneurship skills.

  • Manage the distribution and sales of apparel and book publications.

  • Serves as a brand ambassador for Always Progressing Inc.

  • Provides general oversight of all Always Progressing Inc. endeavors to all stakeholders

California Student Opportunity and Access Program (Cal SOAP)                        September 2017 – January 2019


  • Managed and facilitated daily operations to carry out Cal SOAPS primary mission of serving first generation students from low income, and low resourced communities.

  • Ensured oversight of Cal-SOAP services, programs and events designed to raise awareness of postsecondary options and increase knowledge of financial aid opportunities.

  • Created and train staff on all programs designed to support and assist students to pursue postsecondary options. 

  • Established working relationships with stakeholders who contribute to bringing the Cal SOAP mission to fruition i.e. School Districts, CSAC, Local Government, and Colleges/Universities. 

  • Served as a liaison between CSAC the governing board and the fiscal agent through open lines of communication in order to better serve our students.

  • Coordinated and prepare content for governing board meetings. 

  • Ensured compliance of operational and fiscal regulations; through tracking funding, and keeping accurate records. 

  • Collaborated with other college access programs in an effort to maximize services and minimize duplication of services. 

  • Conducted staff development training with an emphasis on new trends and best practices to serve students unique needs. 


California Student Opportunity and Access Program (Cal SOAP)                         October 2013 – September 2017

Assistant Director

  • Supervised 34 staff members in 19 schools within the cities of Long Beach, Compton, Whittier and Lynwood and a site community location. 

  • Assisted the Director in generating program and budget reports to be sent to the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC). 

  • Screened and interviewed new hires to be placed within Long Beach, Compton, Whittier and Lynwood School Districts as College Advisors and Academic Coaches. 

  • Conducted trainings on college admission, financial aid, career planning and best practices for working with students. 

  • Partnered with local organizations for special programing (i.e. Cash for College, College Preparatory Summer Camp, (Glow) Financial Literacy Programing and Students of Color Initiatives). 

  • Linked students, staff and community members to college related resources while staying up to date on the latest college admission information. 

  • Demonstrated showmanship by stepping into open roles (i.e. one-on-one advising with student, giving classroom presentations, and leading campus tours). 

  • Sought out additional funding and developed relationships with potential funders.


California Student Opportunity and Access Program (Cal SOAP)                          October 2011- September 2013

Fieldwork Supervisor/Liaison                              

  • Supported 24 staff members in 17 schools with Long Beach, Compton, Whittier and Lynwood and 2 community locations.

  • Trained staff in high school completion curriculum, college admission requirements and financial aid.

  • Formulated monthly staff survey’s aimed at tracking best practices for working with low-income first-generation students.

  • Guided staff in meeting program goals through mentorship.

  • Bridged students, staff and community members to college access resources.

  • Provided motivational presentations to staff and students, as well as, led workshops.

  • Directed staff members through crisis management with students.

California Student Opportunity and Access Program (Cal SOAP)                      September 2009 -September 2011

College Peer Adviser            

  • Provided college counseling for high school students ranging in topics such as: Financial Aid, Testing registrations (SAT/ACT), A-G College requirements and College Applications mainly within the Compton Unified School District.

  • Organized college campus tours of local UC’s, CSU’s, private/independent and community colleges.

  • Prepared students for later educational experiences by encouraging them to explore learning opportunities and to persevere with challenging tasks.

  • Counseled students regarding educational issues, such as course and program selection, class scheduling and registration, school adjustment, study habits, and career planning.


Education Related Internships

East Whittier City School District                                                                                       August 2015- May 2016

School Social Work Intern

  • Conducted Bio/Psycho/Social Assessments.

  • Presented on Bully, Sexual Harassment and Cyber Bullying Prevention.

  • Facilitated support groups ranging in topics from Family Issues, Self-esteem, Anger-management and Appreciate Social Skills.

  • Developed behavior plans and set client goals.

  • Crisis management including suicide assessment, developing safety plans and referring for services.

  • Participated in IEP, SST and SURB Meeting.  


Operation Jump Start                                                                                                         August 2014 - May 2015

Counseling Intern

  • Conducted Bio/Psycho/Social Assessments.

  • Coordinated and facilitate 14-week support group focused on college preparation and success. Topic included: College Applications, Time Management, Healthy Lifestyle, Financial Aid, Dating, and Campus Life.

  • Improved Clinical/Therapeutic Intervention Skills through individual counseling.

  • Provided current first generation college student with guidance and support.

  • Lead Collaborative/Support Meetings with agency staff and interns.

  • Mediated and explain the college admission process to students and families.

  • Assisted case managers with various tasks, projects and assignments. 


Community Organization Involvement

Long Beach, South Bay, Inglewood Kappa Langue Mentoring Program


  • Mentoring young men of color toward achieving success in academia and all subsequent endeavors.



Peer Business Mentoring & Financial Education Consultant  

  • Assist underrepresented groups in access tools to build sustainable business and economic status to increase equity, diversity and inclusion in desired fields of practice.


Long Beach Community Resource Center

Director of Education 

  • Working with a committee of local business owners, residents and stakeholders to create/establish a community center focused on bridging gaps in access for African American/Black residents of Long Beach.


Speaking Engagements

  • Guest Speaker in Male Academies 2016-2019

  • Panel List: Los Angle Main Library 2015-2019

  • Guest Lecture at Los Angeles Harbor College 2018

  • Keynote Speaker at Cal SOAP FAFSA Annual Kickoff event 2015-2018

  • Keynote Speaker at Roosevelt Middle School Commencement Speaker 2017

  • Keynote Speaker at Analee Elementary Commencement Speaker 2017

  • Represented CSULB and Long Beach College Promise at Reach Higher White House Summit 2016

  • Guest Speaker at Marshal Middle School 2016

  • Guest Speaker at Operation Jump Start 2013-2016

  • Guest Speaker at Cabrillo High School 2013-2016

  • Guest Speaker at Poly High School 2013

  • Guest Speaker at Friendship Family Church 2012-2016