As a young African American, I (Dr. Keyon L Anderson) encountered and overcame many hardships while seeking a better future for himself and his family. One of his biggest challenges was learning how to live and succeed with Dyslexia, an information processing disorder. My Dyslexia made learning to read difficult, and it initially discouraged me from pursuing my dreams. Despite my learning challenges, I kept my head held high and sought out help, I was able to surpass my own educational expectations and have inspired many others to do the same. My passion is to help underserved children, families, and communities, especially in Long Beach, to become resilient in navigating towards their dreams and increase their access to lives of abundance. I give back to my community through my work in the nonprofit sector, research, community involvement, and mentorship services. 


Dr. Keyon L Anderson is a true believer in always progressing forward. As a young African American student, Dr. Anderson encountered and overcame many hardships while seeking a better future for himself and his family. He was exposed to poverty, gang violence, and drugs, and he cites his struggle with overcoming Dyslexia as one of his most significant challenges. Learning to read was difficult, and this discouraged him from pursuing his dreams as he felt frustrated and intimidated by peers and teachers. With a thirst for knowledge and the motivation to change educational expectations within his community, he was inspired to press ahead and excel in school. 


Today, Dr. Anderson's work focuses on helping Long Beach's underserved populations, including those of first-generation, low-income and ethnic minority students. In seeing the struggles of other students who come from backgrounds similar to his own, Dr. Anderson desires to provide support for local communities through nonprofit work, research, and mentorship. He hopes to establish someday a nonprofit organization that focuses on fostering academic resiliency for students who are most at risk for dropping out of school, mainly focusing on ethnic minorities. In cultivating a culture of parent involvement, he hopes to help families develop the skills necessary to ensure children's academic success.


Dr. Anderson is also inspired to help students with disabilities in fighting stigma and serve as a model for student success. After achieving his Bachelor of Arts in Social Work from California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) in 2012, he went on to attain his Masters in Social Work in 2016. He also recently completed his Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership program at the University of Southern California (USC) School of Rossie. It is a dream come true for Keyon, who once thought of USC as an "unattainable school." Since graduation from USC, Dr. Anderson has published a total of five children/teen's books and became the best-selling author. Moving from one accomplishment to the next, he now aspires to empower and transform communities like his own, through education.


Additional information is available at Dr. Keyon L Anderson’s website keyonanderson.com.